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    The use of applicant tracking software by employers to source and shortlist prospective candidates’ resumes is not new. However, learning about this technology can maximise your chances of being contacted by the recruiter for the jobs you are applying for.

    When you prepare your resume for applicant tracking software to read, you want it to be scannable.  A scannable resume has plenty of facts for the artificial intelligence to extract – the more skills, relevant key words and facts you provide, the more opportunities you’ll have for your skills to match available positions.

     Here’s how applicant-tracking software works. Your resume is scanned into the computer using the applicant tracking software; the software then cross-references the pre-programmed required qualifications and experience (known as keywords) with all of the words in your resume.   It then produces a report for the recruiter with a list of candidates/applicants that match the job advertisement.

     It is crucial that your resume includes all of the qualifications, tickets, inductions and experience that you have.  For example, if you do not include a list of site inductions you hold, and the job you are applying for requires a specific induction, you will not be short-listed for consideration.

     It’s worth taking 10 minutes to read through your resume and expand where necessary, remember, you are dealing with artificial intelligence, it cannot presume, so if you don’t include it, it won’t find it, or you.