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    Recent studies have shown that the majority of APAC businesses are predicting growth for the next 12 months even in this cautious labour market.  There is still a strong sense of optimism with 61% predicting growth and only 5% predicting decline.  Demand is widely expected to increase mid 2013.

    With this though comes the corollary that only 40% expect to increase employee numbers.  While it has become common practice to expect workers to do more with less, the consequences can be counter-productive with increased discontent and burn out resulting in talent losses.  To mitigate this many business will turn to contractors.

    The awareness of the benefits that labour hire can offer to an organisation is high, with 65% of businesses believing that contracted workers increase flexibility and scalability to support changing economic conditions.  Additionally temporary staff offer improved business performance by better matching specialist resources to company projects.

    Despite this awareness, many still cite the cost and performance management as a challenge.  These barriers can be easily addressed by engaging with expert providers who can offer ease of management.

    At Lacoa, our Directors and Managers have hands on experience in trades, project management and as client representatives, combined with in excess of 15 years managing labour hire teams across Australia. Our support team are commercially savvy and have experience in your industries.  By working with our clients we provide tailored, flexible, cost effective workforce solutions with measurable results.