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    Last week the mobile phone turned 40, hard to believe!  While they were pretty scarce back then and many of us resisted the urge to look like yuppies by buying them, they number of mobile phones on the planet actually outnumbers people.  900 million smartphones are projected to be sold this year.

    While I’ve always loved my mobile phones, I did resist the move to a smartphone…that is until I realised I could add music, audio books and apps.  So here’s a list of my favourite mining apps:

    1. Facebook:  I know, we are all a bit over it and it can seem a bit like torture when you see photo’s of your mates having a great time on weekends while you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, but it’s still an easy way to keep in contact with a heap of people.
    2. FIFO RNR:  This app allows you to enter in their roster and share it with friends, family and service providers in real time so they can fit in to your schedule or so you can see whether they’re on or off site. It also records and stores your annual leave and allows you to set alarms for shifts. Remember who you’ve shared with before you pretend you’re working to get out of attending boring family events.
    3. Glossary of Mining & Geological Terms:  Is an app containing over 1300 mining-related terms. Not exactly where you head if you want an in-depth understanding, but a good starting point if you want to impress the good looking Irish geo at the bar.
    4. Mining Jobs:  Updated daily with the latest mining jobs across Australia.
    5. LinkedIn:  Think of it as Facebook for professional networking. Handy for keeping in touch with all of those people that you don’t want seeing your drunk photo’s on Facebook.
    6. iJSA:  Risk Assessment Template that includes GPS and site photos. Just check with your safety department before you throw out their version.
    7. My Fitness Pal:  Eating at odd hours and piling up your plate at the mess can add a few kg, this app help tracks your calorie intake and exercise.
    8. Zombies, Run!:  This app works even if you’re not a runner. It’s a great blend of run tracker and game as you have to avoid the zombies in the story. Unlike all the other apps I’ve listed it does cost but it’s worth it!
    9. Trip Advisor:  I planned a whole trip to Thailand using recommendation from this app and had a fantastic time. Great to kill time by fantasizing of the next dream holiday.
    10. Spotify:  Access to millions of songs because we all need a little music in our lives and to dance like no one is watching (just make sure it doesn’t end up on YouTube!

    So, how does my top 10 rate?  Have you got any favourites?